Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court of Existing Claims
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(405) 522-8793

Court employees perform duties associated with medical matters over which the Court has responsibility. Duties include:medical

  • Administering the independent medical examiner and case manager programs,
  • Producing orders appointing providers as directed by the Court,
  • Revising and maintaining the schedule of medical and hospital fees as directed by the Court Administrator,
  • Responding to inquiries related to medical issues and participating in educational programs specific to the medical community, and
  • Providing support services to the Physician Advisory Committee, an advisory body to the Court, in the performance of its duties as prescribed by law.

Current Medical related materials can be found on the Medical Publications page. For medical fee schedule questions call (405) 522-8793. For independent medical examiner questions, call (405) 522-8629 or (405) 522-8766.