Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court of Existing Claims
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Workers' Compensation Court of Existing Claims MEDIATION SYSTEM

WORKERS COMPENSATION COURT OF EXISTING CLAIMS MEDIATION SYSTEM: The purpose of the Workers' Compensation Court of Existing Claims' Mediation System (CMS) is to provide all employers and employees of this state convenient access to informal procedures for resolution of a workers' compensation dispute that are inexpensive, expeditious, effective and fair. Click here for an application.  Applications are considered twice a year; in June and December. For a copy of rules on workers' compensation mediation (Court Rules 52 and 53), click here. Direct questions about the CMS to the Court's Counselor Department, 918-581-2714

Contact a Mediator: For a current list of workers' compensation mediators certified by the Court, including contact information, click here.

Mediation Forms: The following forms have been developed for use in workers' compensation cases mediated by mutual agreement of the parties or pursuant to a Court ordered referral. The forms pertain to all mediated cases whether or not a claim for workers’ compensation (i.e. Form 3 or Form 3B) is on file with the Court.

Mediation Agreement: This is a basic mediation form which may be modified by the mediator as necessary to memorialize the agreement reached by the parties, if any.

Report of Mediation Conference: A mediator must use this form to report the results of the mediation conference to the Court Administrator. The form must be sent to the Administrator for each case mediated, regardless whether or not the parties reached an agreement. The reports are required by Court rule and help the Court evaluate the effectiveness of the CMS.