Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court of Existing Claims
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Advisory Council On Workers' Compensation (85 O.S., Section 374)

The purpose of the Advisory Council on Workers' Compensation is to analyze and review the workers' compensation system, the reports of the Court Administrator, and trends in the field of workers' compensation. The Council has the authority to recommend improvements and proper responses to developing trends, and to consult with the Court regarding oversight of independent medical examiners.

Nine members are appointed to this council for staggered three-year terms. Three each are appointed by the Governor, President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Governor's appointees represent employers in this state, one of whom is from a list of nominees provided by the predominant statewide broad-based business organization. Appointees by the Speaker of the House represent employees, one of whom is from a list of nominees provided by the most representative labor organization in the state. Two of the Senate President Pro Tempore's appointees are attorneys representing the legal profession in this state, one of whom is an attorney who practices primarily in the area of defense of workers' compensation claims and one of whom is an attorney who primarily represents claimants. The Senate President Pro Tempore's third appointee is a medical doctor or doctor osteopathy actively engaged in the treatment of injured workers. Ex-officio members include the Administrator and the Presiding Judge of the Workers' Compensation Court of Existing Claims.

By statute, the council shall meet quarterly, or as called by the chair or upon petition by a majority of the voting members. The presence of five voting members constitutes a quorum and no action may be taken without the affirmative vote of at least five members. The Administrator of the Workers' Compensation Court of Existing Claims provides office supplies and personnel to carry out the duties of the Council.

Copies of the Advisory Council’s Annual Reports may be obtained from the Workers’ Compensation Court of Existing Claims.

Current members of the Advisory Council are:

Michael D. Carter - Chair
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Angela LebLanc - Vice Chair
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Jim C. Curry
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Rochelle L. Guinn
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Bryce A. Hill
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dave Koeneke
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dan Simmons
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Robert J. Wienecke, M.D.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Sterling Zearley
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Presiding Judge L. Brad Taylor, Ex-officio Nonvoting
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Court Administrator, Michael J Harkey, ex officio, Nonvoting
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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